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Nantong Double Great Textile Co.,LTD is a technical yarn company which is working on spinning,yarn and trade.And there are 150,000 spindles and 1,200 staff in our company.Since we were founded forty years ago,we have been concentrating on specialisation,variation,customization and excellence.And that’s why we can keep profiting for forty years.
Our products include various kinds of Cotton,Polyester,Viscose,Acrylic,Nylon,Tencel,100% pure modal,blended yarn,Coolmax,Yilon,Graphene Nylon,Biological fiber and so on.Ring Spinning,Siro Spinning,Wool,Compact Spinning,Compact and Siro Spinning are four functional yarn we can offeer.The quality of our yarn is industry-leading which can up to 5%-25% of the USTER level.
For our strict management,excellent yarn and considerate service,we have more than 4,000 clients.And the yarn from our company are the first choice for the international fashion brand like LV,H&M and Uniqlo.The advanced combing machine,spinning frame and automatic winder introduced from Switzerland,Germany and Italy with domestic leading blow-carding system have improved the level of our production line up to domestic head.We also introduced full set of USTER checkout equipment, test facility and pass the USTER certificate of quality system.
Our company is China National high-tech enterprise.We set up ’Double Great Textile Research Institute’, the Center of New Fiber Engineering and Technological Research and the Center of Enterprise Technology for provincial level. We have got 34 China National invention patents and undertook 4 China National Torch Plans,5Sprk Programs and exploited more than 80 new products up to provincial level.We also host draft of China National Standard,6 industrial standards and 3 Customs processing trade single consumption standards.
Double Great took the lead in passing certification of quality,environment,occupational health and safety,measurement management systems within the sector.We have the honour to get the ’China famous brand’,’China best knitting supplier’,’China Best Textile Influence Brand’,’Annual partner of China fiber fashion tendency’,’China National high-integrity enterprise’,’China friendly labor relations enterprise’ and so on awards.We are the basement of China blended yarn and the top 20 of China spun yarn.
Double Great attach importance to the worth of each yarn,and we believe ‘Life have infinite possibilities,and Double Great can be too’.We also persist the value of ’bring our character and moral in yarn’ and carry forward the spirit of ’integrity,harmony,innovation,excellent’ to push our development of economic.


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